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Legal Vision is the industry leader in paper discovery, e-discovery, web hosting, data management and managed review services. We help our clients in many industries from law offices to corporations advance by providing them with the best team, process, and technology.

Paper Discovery

Legal Vision Group provides end-to-end production support for our clients from standardizing digital file formats for easy case review to high-speed digital printing and scanning. Whether you produce images, native files or hard copy documents, we have the capabilities and competence to make your productions happen on time and on budget.



Scanning is simply a step we take when converting paper documents into universally accepted formats to best serve your needs. We specialize in black and white, color and oversized documents, image numbering (EBS), optical character recognition (OCR), database scanning support, LDD and coding services, and on-site remote location scanning.


Blowbacks & Digital Prints

We print electronic files to paper for review or production in hardcopy format. The to-be-printed electronic files may have previously been scanned from paper into electronic form (hence the term "blowback"), originated in native electronic form or need to be printed as TIFF or PDF images on paper. It is called blowback because originally paper documents may be scanned and then reprinted on paper from the scanned images. Prints from various media and various file types include TIFF, PDF and JPEG. Additionally, we specialize in conversion to print, native file printing, document reconstruction, trial binder preparation with exhibit tabs and blowbacks with slip-sheets/custom slip-sheets with metadata.



Photocopying is widely used across almost all industries. It’s a simple process of making a physical copy of a paper document similar to document scanning. We specialize in black and white, color & oversize reproduction, as well as document labeling (“Bates” labeling), exhibit page labeling and remote location copying (on-site).


Additional Services

We pride ourselves on our expertise and flexibility to see each job through from start to completion, no matter its difficulty. In addition to the more recognized paper discovery services, we are proud to offer additional services including trial board creation, bindery services including GBC, Velo & Acco binds, legal supplies (including binders, custom binders, standard and custom tabs, and folders), audio tape duplication, VHS/DVD/CD duplication and X-ray duplication.

E-Discovery Services

The Legal Vision team brings experience you can count on. The collection, preparation, review and distribution of electronically-stored information for legal purposes have been called many things – electronic discovery or e-discovery, electronic data discovery or EDD — even ESI. All of this can seem overwhelming and confusing, but with the right support and team, it can become a simple task and solution. What matters most to your success is the expertise and process behind it, and with our 24/7 support, the finish line is near. From planning to execution, we provide clients with workflow recommendations, culling suggestions, and search term analytics solutions that lead to review acceleration and cost reduction.


ESI Processing

The process of data discovery is as important as the information it produces. As a law firm, corporation or government agency, you need more than just data – you need knowledge. Knowledge combined with communication can make the difference between an open investigation and a closed case. A keen understanding of these facts is what makes us unique. Whether you have a large or small matter, we can process standard and non-standard file types. In processing, we extract text and metadata, and can provide customized levels of de-duplication. We’re proud to offer expertise in key processing softwares such as Lexis Nexis LAW PreDiscovery that help us tackle the new and challenging file types that are introduced daily. From text messages to cloud-based software to social media, Legal Vision helps clients with transparent reporting that enables them to audit all of their data – all of the time.


Data & Project Management

It is not just the data you discover, it is what you learn from acquired data that really matters, and having the tools to slice, dice and synthesize your data is critical for your success. We believe discovery is just the first step to gaining knowledge from data. Our data management services help with storage, archiving, document management and data retention. Our project management services ensure consistent communication throughout all phases of your project, we maintain top-notch project managers and support teams to guide you and provide transparency to the process. We offer 24/7 project management services throughout your entire case to answer questions, provide solutions and offer guidance to help you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible. Together, the Legal Vision team is able to make the best workflow, analysis, and process decisions to keep your case team fully informed.



When the process is over and it’s time to produce, we offer many benefits and customizable options. From a variety of flexible production formats (TIFF Images, native files or mixed-format productions), documents can be branded with fully customizable production numbers and prefixes, redactions and fields or tags from the database. Branding format provides flexibility in determining the document branding location with up to six different branding locations per document. OCR’d documents can become searchable within a database or utilized as searchable PDF files. We also provide export support for different load file and image formats including but not limited to Concordance, Relativity, Summation, PDF and searchable PDF, delimited text, etc.

Web Hosting & Review

Hosting data somewhere secure where you can access, search, retrieve and analyze it is critical to achieving positive outcomes. Information and records managers, along with IT staff, must consider what happens with discovered data. Whether you need short-term access or long-term archives, we can help expand your data accessibility from multiple locations.


Web Hosting

Web Hosting puts your electronic data and information in a secure server environment, from which users in multiple locations can access, discover, analyze, review and share information online. Data Hosting allows our clients to expand their architecture, share associated costs and distribute their data and relevant communications quickly and effectively to remote users, branch offices or co-counsel. We provide hosting solutions for matters of all sizes and complexity-from a quick linear review of small and standard datasets, to very large and complex datasets.


Managed Review

From long-term archiving to active online review, we provide clients with 24/7 access for analysis via popular industry platforms and customized customer service. Our project managers work closely with you to customize a review solution that supports the nature of the particular matter and the needs of your case. Our most popular managed review services include simple web-based interface management, streamlined case organization to locate matters and documents, quick retrieval, viewing and annotating of image files, multi-level tag foldering; multiple database search capabilities; and multiple records selection and flexible security supporting document sharing among parties.


Data Analytics

Legal Vision’s robust technology provides your team with the benefits of a quick and efficient review process. Run complex searches across both metadata and text in just seconds. Further efficiency is provided through analytics support, near-dupe, concept cluster, email threading, assisted review and predictive coding. We use these features to gain a snapshot of review activity and then make adjustments that will improve workflow throughout the team. Lastly, we offer unlimited custom reporting capabilities that are available to support the information requirements of your team's leadership.

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