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An Overview of Electronic Discovery

Discovery is an essential part of the legal process; it’s the process by which important facts are discovered, collected, processed, reviewed and organized to present during a case. Lawyers spend a lot of time in discovery and review every piece of information for relevance. The discovery phase is critical to a legal process, and presents with a unique set of parameters when compared to non-digitized discovery due to the intangible nature of the data involved.

Why Is Discovery So Important?

Discovery is important for several reasons, including:

• Clarifying the facts of a legal case
• Supporting the claims of the client being represented
• Providing specificity that holds up against heightened legal scrutiny
• Culling suggestions to improve quality of information

Our team begins by developing a process that is conducive to e-discovery. Because our team brings a higher level of expertise and experience to this important process, we are able to meet our deadlines effectively when your case is on the line. We provide 24/7 support all the way from planning to execution.

By implementing search term solutions and other reliable strategies we are able to comb through a considerable amount of data in less time than you might imagine. E-discovery – also called electronic data discovery – is a cost-competitive and advantageous service that usually is made part of the preparation of your legal case.

A Team At Your Service

Going through all this material is challenging for people not specifically trained in it. Trying to undertake discovery on your own is unlikely to result in the kind of success you deserve. This is why the team at Legal Vision Group offers our professional services to companies and organizations like yours. Our experience with electronic data discovery is unrivaled and we have some top minds on the job.

Contact Legal Vision Group today to discuss your needs. We offer a variety of services aimed at helping you maximize the information made available to you during legal proceedings. Contact us today at (310) 945-5550 for a free data analysis.