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What’s the Safest Way to Share Legal Documents?

Going paperless was supposed to make things easier for offices. For the most part, we’ve seen a lot of benefits, using less supplies for printing, higher productivity due to availability and accessibility of information and environmental and cost savings. Sharing legal documents digitally makes sense, provided this information can be kept secure and safe. It takes a concerted effort to ensure documents as secure when shared digitally, but it can be accomplished through end-to-end production support.

Sharing Paper Documents

The sheer volume of paper documents that comes into any office can be overwhelming. Paper documents that come into the office can be converted into scanned formats that allow for easy sharing. By coding and numbering each document, much like a database, these documents can be searched and quickly retrieved. Should the need arise, the document can be reprinted on paper for any purpose.

Electronic Documents

Having a secure cloud and hosting service is key to sharing electronic data. Not only does the service have to protect the information, it also needs to track who accessed each document. Through data audits, your office has transparency and security. Data and project management has to be top-notch throughout the entire process to have cost-effective solutions and guidance on overcoming problems that arise.

Short-Term Access / Long-Term Archives

Keeping your data secure has to be a team effort. IT staff, lawyers, information managers and the administrative team have to be on board to use data accessibility securely and wisely. We believe that the safest and most effective method of sharing legal documents is through electronical methods, but your office does need a solid plan in place to manage the information.

Legal Vision Group has solutions to keep your data safe and secure while providing accessibility, whether short- or long-term. Contact us to see what we can do for your office to make sharing data affordable, easy and efficient.